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Liberec Botanic Garden - Cycads in the Evolution House

The Botanical Garden in Liberec is a regional botanical garden in Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic, close to the German border. It is now over 110 years old, however with new two floors greenhouses build in the 1990’s designed to remind a cluster of crystals. The Evolution house  forms one of the crystals. Besides the plants it is also filled with fossil trunks from a private collection donated to the garden by a private collector.

The male Microcycas calocoma plant is over 1.5m tall and coning often. It was probably imported by Czech workers coming from Cuba some decades ago.

The photos were taken during a trip of the 1st European Cycads Exhibition and Conference in 2010 founded by our website and the Prague Botanic Garden. On the way to Liberec, we have stopped at a nice basalt rock formation called Panská skála.

Photos: (c) Jan Vytopil and M. Studnička