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Prague Cycads and Palms Exhibition

and Conference
Prague Botanical Garden July 10 - August 29, 2010
Under the auspices of his Excellency José Luis Bernal Rodríguez, Ambassador of Mexico

The Exhibition of Palms and Cycads in Prague is traditionally the only regular exhibition of cycads in Europe, providing platform for cycads and palms experts and enthusiasts to meet.

The exhibition is organised by the Prague Botanical Garden and Czech Cycads in cooperation with Czech National Museum and Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

This year it will focus chiefly on cycads while presenting more than 70 species from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia as well as Czech fossil cycads. In the Fata Morgana greenhouse and around you will be also able to see more than 100 palm species.

Programme Preview

Festive opening: Friday, July 9, 14.30
open to the public.
Venue: Fata Morgana, the main greenhouse of the Prague Botanical Garden

Cycas lindstromii Dedication: during the official opening on July 9 the foremost European cycad expert Anders Lindström will plant a specimen of the Vietnamese Cycas lindstromii in the Fata Morgana greenhouse, named after Lindström himself.

Cycads of Mexico photo exhibition from the Netherlands: the show is accompanied by an exclusive exhibition of Mexican cycads in the wild by the Dutch botanist and photographer Art Vogel from the Leiden Hortus Botanicus in the Netherlands.
Venue: in the underground tunnel of the Fata Morgana greenhouse.

Cycads Cones Collection from Poland: the exhibition will also present the specialised stand showing some of the largest plant cones on the world, from the Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.
Venue: Fata Morgana Greenhouse

Czech Fossil Cycads Stand from the National Museum: a special stand of the Czech National Museum will introduce the original fossil cycads from the Czech territory. The stand will also include holotype specimens from which new fossil species were described. First such exhibit ever.
Venue: Fata Morgana Greenhouse

Palm seeds: Visit our attractive collection of palm seeds from the smallest ones to the largest seed on the world
Venue: Exhibit hall - South Area exterior exhibition 

Crop palms: Come to see our exhibition of crop palms and related products in the underground tunnel of the Fata Morgana greenhouse.
Venue: Exhibit hall - South Area exterior exhibition 

Lectures - Saturday afternoon, July 10
Venue: Exhibit hall - Exterior exhibition South Area - Free entry for the lectures

RSVP: due to limited capacity
confirming your participation on recommended
Czech/English interpreting provided.

13:30 How to Grow Them - the participants will be present from 13.30 to share their experience and give advice on cycads growing before the lecture starts

14:00 Vlastik Rybka: Cycads at the Prague Botanical Garden
The introduction by the head of cycads collection in Prague will focus on the garden's collection, containing over 100 species of cycads from all over the world, as well as on the garden's plans for its future enlargement and development.

14:30 Art Vogel, the Netherlands: Cycads of Mexico
The head of the cycads collection in Leiden will give a lecture about the cycads still surviving in the wild of Mexico, which he personally visited, presenting his marvellous nature photographs and commenting on growing cycads as well as their state of protection.

15:30 Anders Lindström, Sweden/Thailand: Cycads at Nong Nooch and Beyond
The head of one of the largest global collection of cycads on the world will speak about some of the rarest plant species being grown at Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, his experience in growing rare cycads and describing new species.

Several trips were organised to know some of the cycads collections in the Czech Republic.
  1. Botanical Garden of Liberec - see photogallery

  2. Botanical Garden of Teplice

  3. Botanical Garden of the Charles University in Prague

  4. Private collections around Prague

Photo: Art Vogel