Czech Cycads

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Cycads Collections in the EU and elsewhere

We are gradually mapping the collections and sellers of cycads. Until now, we have done the following...

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  1. Czech Republic (CZ) - some of the text can be also found on our English homepage - with some of the oldest Encephalartos altensteinii and the tallest Cycas circinalis in Europe, the biggest ant the only fertile public Microcycas calocoma as well as a nice collection of fossil cycads and rare Cuban cycads.

  2. Belgium (CZ) - This article adds information to the text published by Whitelock on Encephalartos laurentianus, the species described from the plants from the Belgian Congo, still in collection in Meise, plus an overview of Belgian collections

  3. Cuba (EN) overview of the 8 Cuban species according to Flora de Cuba, with rare habitat photos - isolated country with not much information published abroad. The only article on the web.

  4. Denmark (EN) with the oldest Zamia lindenii in Europe

  5. Ireland (EN) - the birthplace of Ceratozamia fuscoviridis in Dublin

  6. the Netherlands (EN) with a beautiful collection in Leiden

  7. Poland (EN) with some historical plants from the original Warszewicz garden in Krakow, a fantastic group of Stangeria and 200 yrs old plants of Ceratozamia mexicana

  8. Portugal (EN) - see also our photo gallery from Lisbon

  9. Russia (EN) - CVs of Küster, Katzer and Perovsky after whom cycads were named

  10. Slovakia (EN) - with one of the EU well known cycad seed sellers

  11. Sweden (EN) with probably the largest Zamia pseudoparasitica on public display in Europe

European Cycad Sellers

European Cycad Sellers - List of vendors in English

Use Google Translate to get at least some meaning from the Czech language texts.

Legislation in the EU

More information on cycad legislation in the EU can be found here:

  1. EU Scientific Review Group - which publishes species bans after its meetings (like the already cancelled Encephalartos import ban from South Africa on December 3, 2010)

  1. EU Wildlife Trade Regulation database -

  1. EU Regulations

  2. N° 865/2006 -

  3. N° 338/1997 -

Bottom: Leiden Hortus Botanicus Cycad Collection, the Netherlands

Jirusia jirusii - fossil cycad  from the Czech Republic does not look dissimilar to the Dioons of Mexico

Encephalartos laurentianus in Gent, Belgium