Czech Cycads

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There are now 327 cycad species described in present. This number has doubled in last 10 years as new species were discovered or better described. Our list is based on the World List of Cycads from 2010, in preparation by Roy Osborne, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Ken D. Hill and Leonie Stanberg.

Cycad Atlas and Photogallery
We are adding new cycad species descriptions every week. Here you can find the list of all species in the class Cycadophyta classified by 9 genera (with Chigua trasferred to Zamia):

You can get the descriptions and photos by clicking on the names. Descriptions are in Czech language only

Bowenia, Australia

2 species only

Bowenia serrulata, Bowenia spectabilis


26 species

Ceratozamia alvarezii, Ceratozamia becerrae, Ceratozamia brevifrons, Ceratozamia chimalapensis, Ceratozamia decumbens, Ceratozamia euryphyllidia, Ceratozamia fuscoviridis, Ceratozamia hildae, Ceratozamia hondurensis, Ceratozamia huastecorum, Ceratozamia kuesteriana, Ceratozamia latifolia, Ceratozamia matudai, Ceratozamia mexicana, Ceratozamia microstrobila, Ceratozamia miqueliana, Ceratozamia mirandai, Ceratozamia mixeorum, Ceratozamia morettii, Ceratozamia norstogii, Ceratozamia robusta, Ceratozamia sabatoi, Ceratozamia vovidesii, Ceratozamia whitelockiana, Ceratozamia zaragozae, Ceratozamia zoquorum

Cycas, Asia, Australia and Africa

105 species with only one in Africa

Cycas aenigma, Cycas aculeata, Cycas angulata, Cycas annaikalensis, Cycas apoa, Cycas arenicola, Cycas armstrongii, Cycas arnhemica (subsp muninga subsp. natja), Cycas badensis, Cycas balansae, Cycas basaltica, Cycas beddomei, Cycas bifida, Cycas bougainvilleana, Cycas brachycantha, Cycas brunnea, Cycas cairnsiana, Cycas calcicola, Cycas campestris, Cycas canalis, Cycas candida, Cycas chamaoensis, Cycas changjiangensis, Cycas chevalieri, Cycas circinalis, Cycas clivicola (subsp. lutea), Cycas collina, Cycas condaoensis, Cycas conferta, Cycas couttsiana, Cycas cupida, Cycas curranii, Cycas debaoensis, Cycas desolata, Cycas diannanensis, Cycas dolichophylla, Cycas edentata, Cycas elephantipes, Cycas elongata, Cycas falcata, Cycas ferruginea, Cycas fugax, Cycas furfuracea, Cycas glauca, Cycas guizhouensis, Cycas hainanensis, Cycas hoabinhensis, Cycas hongheensis, Cycas indica, Cycas inermis, Cycas javana, Cycas lacrimans, Cycas lane-poolei, Cycas lindstromii, Cycas maconochiei (subsp. lanata, subsp. viridis), Cycas macrocarpa, Cycas media (subsp. banksii, subsp ensata), Cycas megacarpa, Cycas micholitzii, Cycas micronesica, Cycas multipinnata, Cycas nathorstii, Cycas nitida, Cycas nongnoochiae, Cycas ophiolitica, Cycas orientis, Cycas pachypoda, Cycas panzhihuaensis, Cycas papuana, Cycas pectinata, Cycas petraea, Cycas platyphylla, Cycas pranburiensis, Cycas pruinosa, Cycas revoluta, Cycas riuminiana, Cycas rumphii, Cycas saxatilis, Cycas schumanniana, Cycas scratchleyana, Cycas seemanii, Cycas segmentifida, Cycas semota, Cycas sexseminifera, Cycas shanyaensis, Cycas siamensis, Cycas silvestris, Cycas siamensis, Cycas sphaerica, Cycas sundaica, Cycas szechuanensis (subsp. fairylakea),
Cycas taitungensis, Cycas taiwaniana, Cycas tanqingii, Cycas tansachana, Cycas thouarsii, Cycas tropophylla, Cycas tuckeri, Cycas vespertilio, Cycas wadei, Cycas xipholepis, Cycas yorkiana, Cycas zambalensis, Cycas zeylanica

Dioon, Central America

14 species

Dioon angustifolium, Dioon argenteum, Dioon califanoi, Dioon caputoi, Dioon edule, Dioon holmgrenii, Dioon mejiae, Dioon merolae, Dioon purpusii, Dioon rzedowskii, Dioon sonorense, Dioon spinulosum, Dioon stevensonii, Dioon tomasellii

Encephalartos, Africa

65 species

Encephalartos aemulans, Encephalartos altensteinii, Encephalartos aplanatus, Encephalartos arenarius, Encephalartos barteri, Encephalartos brevifoliolatus, Encephalartos bubalinus, Encephalartos caffer,
Encephalartos cerinus, Encephalartos chimanimaniensis, Encephalartos concinnus, Encephalartos cupidus, Encephalartos cycadifolius, Encephalartos delucanus, Encephalartos dolomiticus, Encephalartos dyerianus, Encephalartos equatorialis, Encephalartos eugene-maraisii, Encephalartos ferox, Encephalartos friderici-guilielmi, Encephalartos ghellinckii, Encephalartos gratus, Encephalartos heenanii, Encephalartos hildebrandtii, Encephalartos hirsutus, Encephalartos horridus, Encephalartos humilis, Encephalartos inopinus, Encephalartos ituriensis, Encephalartos kisambo, Encephalartos laevifolius, Encephalartos lanatus, Encephalartos latifrons, Encephalartos laurentianus, Encephalartos lebomboensis, Encephalartos lehmannii, Encephalartos longifolius, Encephalartos mackenziei, Encephalartos macrostrobilus, Encephalartos manikensis, Encephalartos marunguensis, Encephalartos middelburgensis, Encephalartos msinganus, Encephalartos munchii, Encephalartos natalensis, Encephalartos ngoyanus, Encephalartos nubimontanus, Encephalartos paucidentatus, Encephalartos poggei, Encephalartos princeps, Encephalartos pterogonus, Encephalartos relictus, Encephalartos schaijesii, Encephalartos schmitzii, Encephalartos sclavoi, Encephalartos senticosus, Encephalartos septentrionalis, Encephalartos tegulaneus, Encephalartos transvenosus, Encephalartos trispinosus, Encephalartos turneri, Encephalartos umbeluziensis, Encephalartos villosus, Encephalartos whitelockii, Encephalartos woodii

Lepidozamia, Australia

1 species only

Lepidozamia hopei, Lepidozamia peroffskyana

Macrozamia, Australia

41 species

Macrozamia cardiacensis, Macrozamia communis, Macrozamia concinna, Macrozamia conferta, Macrozamia cranei, Macrozamia crassifolia, Macrozamia denisoni, Macrozamia diplomera, Macrozamia douglasii, Macrozamia dyeri, Macrozamia elegans, Macrozamia fawcettii, Macrozamia fearnsidei, Macrozamia flexuosa, Macrozamia fraseri, Macrozamia glaucophylla, Macrozamia heteromera, Macrozamia humilis, Macrozamia johnsonii, Macrozamia lomandroides, Macrozamia longispina, Macrozamia lucida, Macrozamia macdonnellii, Macrozamia machinii, Macrozamia macleayi, Macrozamia miquelii, Macrozamia montana, Macrozamia moorei, Macrozamia mountperriensis, Macrozamia occidua, Macrozamia parcifolia, Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi, Macrozamia platyrachis, Macrozamia plurinervia, Macrozamia polymorpha, Macrozamia reducta, Macrozamia riedlei, Macrozamia secunda, Macrozamia serpentina, Macrozamia spiralis, Macrozamia stenomera, Macrozamia viridis

Microcycas, Cuba

1 species only

Microcycas calocoma

Stangeria, SA and Mozambique

1 species only

Stangeria eriopus

Zamia, Latin America the Carribean and Florida

70 species:

Zamia acuminata, Zamia amazonum, Zamia amplifolia, Zamia angustifolia, Zamia boliviana, Zamia chigua, Zamia cremnophila, Zamia cunaria, Zamia decumbens, Zamia disodon, Zamia dressleri, Zamia elegantissima, Zamia encephalartoides, Zamia erosa, Zamia fairchildiana, Zamia fischeri, Zamia furfuracea, Zamia gentryi, Zamia herrerae, Zamia hymenophyllidia, Zamia imperialis, Zamia incognita, Zamia inermis, Zamia integrifolia, Zamia ipetiensis, Zamia katzeriana, Zamia lacandona, Zamia lecointei, Zamia lindenii, Zamia lindleyi, Zamia loddigesii, Zamia lucayana, Zamia macrochiera, Zamia manicata, Zamia melanorrhachis, Zamia montana, Zamia monticola, Zamia muricata, Zamia nesophila, Zamia neurophyllidia, Zamia obliqua, Zamia oligodonta, Zamia onan-reyesii, Zamia orellyii, Zamia paucijuga, Zamia poeppigiana, Zamia polymorpha, Zamia portoricensis, Zamia prasina, Zamia pseudomonticola, Zamia pseudoparasitica, Zamia pumila, Zamia purpurea, Zamia pygmaea, Zamia restrepoi, Zamia roezlii, Zamia sandovalii, Zamia skinneri, Zamia stricta, Zamia soconuscensis, Zamia sparteaZamia standleyi, Zamia tuerckheimii, Zamia ulei, Zamia urep, Zamia variegata, Zamia vazquezii, Zamia wallisii

Photo on the top: Encephalartos ghellinckii - Andre J. Cilliers