Czech Cycads

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European Cycads Trade & Legislation


Find the list of EU companies selling cycad plants, seeds or seedlings. Do you know of more? Let us know...


  1. A l’ombre des figuiers


  1. Exclusive Cycads - New Online Shop by Peter Wisbar, German / English

  2. Rare Palm Seeds  by Tobias W. Spanner in Munich, provider of seeds

  3. EuroCycas - by Dieter Schneeweiss near the Cottbus borderline to Poland

  4. Thrinax - by Jörg Schumann near Berlin

United Kingdom

  1. Palm Centre, London (new link)

  2. Minor Garden by Jan Methorst, Dutchman in the UK

There are more sellers around Europe usually providing smaller number of species:

All the companies are inside the EU internal market.


More information on cycad legislation in the EU can be found here:

EU Scientific Review Group which publishes species bans after its meetings (like the Encephalartos import ban from South Africa on December 3, 2010)

EU Wildlife Trade Regulation database

EU Regulations

N° 865/2006

N° 338/1997

Encephalartos altensteinii in Leiden Hortus Botanicus in Netherlands

Cycads in Europe & other countries

We are gradually mapping the European collection of cycads. Until now, we have done the following. Read more in our articles

  1. Czech Republic (CZ) - some of the text can be also found on our English homepage - with some of the oldest Encephalartos altensteinii and the tallest Cycas circinales and Microcycas calocoma in Europe as well as a nice collection of fossil cycads

  2. Belgium (CZ) - This article adds some information to the text published in Whitelock on Encephalartos laurentianus, the species described from the plants from the Belgian Congo, still in collection in Meise

  3. Cuba (EN) and the Havana Botanical Garden - isolated country with not much information published abroad

  4. Denmark (EN) with the oldest Zamia lindenii in Europe

  5. Ireland (EN) - the birthplace of Ceratozamia fuscoviridis in Dublin

  6. the Netherlands (EN) with a beautiful collection in Leiden

  7. Poland (EN) with some historical plants from the original Warszewicz garden in Krakow and a fantastic group of Stangerias and 200 yrs old plants of Ceratozamia mexicana

  8. Portugal (EN) - see also our photo gallery from Lisbon

  9. Slovakia (EN) - with one of the EU well known cycad seed sellers

  10. Sweden (EN) with probably the largest Zamia pseudoparasitica on public display in Europe